Where are we with fundraising?

We are well over two thirds of the way to our £300M target but we need your help to complete the job. No matter how small your contribution, you will help transform lives:

"This is massive. It won’t just benefit the military, it will benefit the whole of the UK.” Andy Reid, DNRC Ambassador

If you would like to make a donation we kindly ask that you send a cheque made out to the DNRC to: The DNRC, 70 Grosvenor Street, London, W1K 3JP.

If you would like to discuss a major donation please email: dnrc@camarguepr.com

When opened in 2018 the DNRC will have a dramatic impact on the lives of members of the armed forces and civilians and could be game-changing in the rehab medicine field world wide, not least as there is a strong likelihood of wider R&D involvement in the UK, locally (Loughborough University nearby is prominent in sports medicine and increasingly involved in bio-mechanics) and internationally. The creation of the DNRC promises to be a remarkable legacy, and very appropriate in the wake of the Paralympic Games where the strong message – that where there is will power and resource, the effects of disability almost seem to disappear – has been transmitted world wide.

The DNRC is an extremely ambitious and far reaching programme in the field of rehabilitation medicine. As a philanthropic undertaking it is currently the largest of its type in the world. We appreciate your interest and support in turning this initiative into a reality.