What’s happening on site?

In 2015 Interserve Construction Ltd (ICL) won the main works contract to construct the Defence facility at the DNRC. ICL began construction on the Stanford Hall Estate on 24 August 2015, marking the start of a 3 year programme of building work leading to handover to the Ministry of Defence in 2018. At this point the new buildings will become the operational site for the Defence Medical Rehabilitation Centre when it relocates from its current home at Headley Court in Surrey.

In this part of the website progress on the build can be tracked in a variety of ways using the menu to the left:       

  • Every 2 months an aerial video of the site will be made
  • Three timelapse cameras are in place and their live feed can be viewed here
  • What has happened on site in the current period is updated every month
  • Activity in the coming weeks is regularly updated principally so that those who live close to the site know what might affect them
  • And finally the facts and figures section gives a feel for the scale of what is being undertaken on the Stanford Hall site and the community engagements projects that are associated with the construction programme