Headley Court is preparing to move

With only a few months to go until the site is fully handed over to the MoD, a small advance party from Headley Court is preparing to move to the Stanford Hall estate in April.  Their job is to facilitate and coordinate the complex transfer of staff and equipment during the summer that will be needed to ensure all our patients are being treated in the new facility by the end of this year.  Meanwhile, members of the transition team are busy finalising the external governance and assurance processes required to seamlessly transfer the business, security and infrastructure services from Headley Court to the new Stanford Hall estate.  Whilst there is still a lot to do, it a very exciting time; the remarkable new bespoke facility being created as a result of the initiative, foresight and generosity of the 6th Duke of Westminster and his family will ensure that the legacy of Headley Court, forged in the last 70 years, lives on and prospers in its new home in the East Midlands.

Local engagement

Visits continue to take place to local councils to discuss a variety of matters relating to the move and the relocation of staff to the East Midlands area.  Subjects include availability of local housing and school places as well as potential employment opportunities for accompanying spouses, partners and families.  Work is being undertaken by clinical staff to identify and establish new links with local healthcare agencies and specialist services replicating those that currently exist at Headley Court.

NHS collaboration

A significant element of the creation of the Defence and National Rehabilitation Centre is the opportunity to build ‘national’ and ‘Defence’ elements alongside each other on the Stanford Hall estate. The colocation of the two unique specialist clinical rehab capabilities would unlock the opportunity for closer collaboration on clinical management, training, education and R&D.  Headley Court is fully engaged with the DNRC Programme team and NHS in the East Midlands to develop thinking in these areas and ensure that the full potential of the planned adjacency can be explored.


During the past 18 months the number of new personnel expressing an interest in working at the Stanford Hall estate has exceeded 1,100 enquiries.  In addition, nearly 25% of the current civilian workforce from Epsom has decided to relocate with an additional number of new staff already commencing employment at Headley Court in preparation for the transition.  Moreover, 150+ permanent military staff currently employed at DMRC Headley Court will also be relocating with their civilian colleagues.

With only a few months left until DMRC moves to the new site, recruitment is now in its final phase with over 80 clinical and non-clinical jobs currently being advertised.  Successful applicants will be interviewed locally in the Rushcliffe area during the months of March and April 2018. If you are interested in working at the new site please see the ‘Employment Section’.


Acting as the golden thread that seamlessly ties the two units together a 3 year celebration programme celebrating the last 2 years of Headley Court and the first year on the Stanford Hall estate was launched in October 2016.  A number of very successful and high profile events have already taken place including: a farewell parade through Dorking, ‘Headley’s Got Talent’ and a tea party for over 150 past and present civilian staff.  Whilst work is now on-going to finalise the formal closing Sunset Parade at Headley Court in the summer, Gp Capt Griffiths has engaged the CEO of Rushcliffe Council to plan a number of events once the Unit has moved.