Headley Court is preparing to move


Individual departments have started detailed planning to allow the smooth sequencing and logistical coordination of moving staff, patients and equipment to Stanford Hall. Planning is underway to reduce the volume of clinical activity over the move but the aim is to stay open for business throughout the transition in support of patients. The unit administrative staff are busy ensuring that external governance and assurance of a variety of business, security and infrastructure services are transferred seamlessly from Headley Court to the Stanford Hall site.

The Commanding Officer explains below how the ‘wow factor’ will be transferred to Stanford Hall from Headley Court.

Local engagement

Visits have taken place to local councils to discuss a variety of matters relating to the move and the relocation of staff to the East Midlands area. Subjects include availability of local housing and school places as well as potential employment opportunities for accompanying spouses and families. Work is being undertaken by clinical staff to identify and establish new links with local healthcare and specialist services replicating those that currently exist at Headley Court.

NHS collaboration

Consistent with the concept of the Defence and National Rehabilitation Centre, Headley Court is engaging with the NHS in the East Midlands to establish links and identify opportunities for research, education and knowledge transfer.


The aim is to make the relocation as attractive and easy as possible in order to encourage the maximum number of the existing staff to move. Inevitably not everyone will want to relocate and as and when gaps are identified recruitment for such posts will be actively pursued. If you are interested in working at the new site please see the ‘Employment Section’. Staff who plan to relocate will visit the East Midlands in September 2016 for 2 days to view the locality and receive information relating to housing, facilities and services.

A 'market stall' event will be held at Headley Court in October 2016. This will involve local real estate, education and finance advisors providing information to existing staff about relocation opportunities.

A number of people (administrative and clinical) have expressed an interest in working at the new facility and the aim is to keep them all informed of progress and job opportunities as they arise. An open day for potential clinical staff will be held at Headley Court during 2016. Below, Group Captain Griffiths explains her confidence in recruiting for Stanford Hall.


A formal celebration spanning the last 2 years of Headley Court and the first year at Stanford Hall is to be launched in October 2016. This will be the golden thread that seamlessly ties the two units together.