Where is the site and why?

The DNRC will be located on the Stanford Hall estate, in Stanford-on-Soar near Loughborough.

The strategic decision to seek a site for the DNRC in the Midlands was to ensure easy access to care for Service people and their families, and clinical and other health professionals.

The main focus of Defence medicine is now in the Midlands, with the Royal Centre for Defence Medicine (RCDM) located at University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust, and the Headquarters of the Surgeon General together with the Joint Medical Command recently established at Lichfield.

The site itself had to provide a mature and tranquil landscape setting to support the holistic healing processes of rehabilitation, whilst being sufficiently close to an urban centre to ensure that patients did not feel remote.

The Stanford Hall Estate has the capacity to support both the Defence establishment and future national facility in a single site which will be vital in promoting the transfer and sharing of knowledge. Most importantly the site is large enough to be able to accommodate all the planned development without diminishing the character of the open parkland landscape setting, which will play such an important role in supporting patient rehabilitation.

Benefits to the Midlands

In June 2015 the Chancellor set out the Government’s plans for attracting jobs, making investments and bringing prosperity to the region by building what is termed the Midlands Growth Engine.

Locating the DNRC, a major national and regional centre, in the heart of the Midlands will enable it to play a significant part in the growth of the Midlands Engine.

Dean Fathers, Chair, Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust speaks about this prestigious project.

First, it will bring training, employment and supplier opportunities to the local area through the 2.5 year construction programme to build the Defence establishment that commenced in August 2015.

Second, the Defence establishment will create job opportunities to train and work there once operational which will be both military and civilian.

Lastly, the full development of the DNRC as a national centre for training and education, research and development, with an international reputation, will in time provide a major stimulus to the local and regional economy that could extend well beyond its own activities.