Video briefing on the development of the Stanford Hall Rehabilitation Estate

View this footage to learn how the Stanford Hall Rehabilitation Estate (SHRE) is working now and where it has the potential to go next – for NHS patients.

In this short film you should get a good understanding of what the SHRE now looks like from the air, what it is already doing for rehab patients and the next steps that are being planned.

A drone flight takes you round the perimeter and then we visit the remarkable new facilities already in use and get a good feel for the plans for the NHS  facility on the estate, only 400 metres away from the new Defence establishment.

The video is narrated by General Sir Timothy Granville-Chapman and Miriam Duffy – General Tim has directed the DNRC Programme since 2010 and Miriam now directs the NHS Programme to create what will be known as the National Rehabilitation Centre (or NRC) and explains how the plan is for it to take its first patients in 2024, sharing facilities and expertise with Defence.