Of the many people who have visited the Stanford Hall DNRC site, virtually all have been struck by what they see in terms of scale and ambition and they subsequently understand why it is so important that it succeeds. In the Programme we often describe this as ‘seeing is believing’. Here we start with seeing. The aerial video below shows the construction of the Defence facility which started in August 2015 and will be completed in 2018:

It may be difficult to envisage what the Defence establishment will look like in 2018. Below is a computer generated image of the design which places the 21st century facilities in a setting which is entirely functional in clinical terms – but at the same time makes an impression on patients and staff whilst blending well with the Stanford Hall estate:

This is a major and quite complex construction project. At present about 400 people are on site and that figure will rise to 1,000 at periods during 2017. In the video below are some shots which reveal what’s going on now: