Current employment opportunities

The MoD has now started recruiting new staff for the DNRC, and all current vacancies are advertised on the Civil Service Jobs website. Currently these roles will not be advertised on NHS jobs.

Occupational Therapist - Neuro NHS Band 7 CS Jobs Ref. 1552705 Closing Date 05/09/17
Vocational Occupational Therapist NHS Band 7 CS Jobs Ref. 1552878 Closing Date 05/09/17
Physiotherapist - Neuro NHS Band 7 CS Jobs Ref. 1552681 Closing Date 05/09/17
Physiotherapist - MSK NHS Band 7 CS Jobs Ref. 1552745 Closing Date 05/09/17
Psychologist - MTBI C1 CS Jobs Ref. 1552832 Closing Date 05/09/17
Senior Social Worker C2 CS Jobs Ref. 1552778 Closing Date 05/09/17
Podiatrist - Advanced NHS Band 7 CS Jobs Ref. 1552739 Closing Date 05/09/17 

Please note that these are the vacancies for staff willing to temporarily re-locate to Headley Court for six months – financial allowances are available during this period.

Others positions will become available and be advertised over the coming months.