The Black Stork Charity

The Black Stork Charity, or The DNRC Charity as it is also now known, was established in May 2011 to raise funds and facilitate the Defence and National Rehabilitation (DNRC) Programme.  The DNRC concept had been established in the pan-Government Feasibility Study in 2010 (funded by the 6th Duke of Westminster).  It envisaged creation of a bespoke Defence rehab facility replacing the existing Headley Court and the opportunity to create a national facility on the same site.  The concept was endorsed by Government in a written statement to Parliament in 2011.

The Charity is registered with the Charity Commission for England and Wales (no: 1141934).  It is also a company limited by guarantee and registered at Companies House in England and Wales (no: 07619703).  Its address is 70 Grosvenor Street. The charity's operating company is BS Stanford Ltd which is, for example, the developer for the construction work that takes place on site at the Stanford Hall Rehabilitation Estate.

The main charitable objects, reflecting the DNRC concept, are concerned with the promotion of health through:
  • Provision of clinical rehabilitation to members of the Armed Forces.
  • The promotion generally of rehabilitative medicine including research.
  • The provision of facilities, equipment or services to restore people who have experienced a disabling disease or injury (regardless of profession) to optimum physical and psychological function and to enable such people to return to and remain in appropriate work.
The Charity is not a grant giving body.

The Board of Trustees is responsible for the overall control and direction of the Charity.  The trustees meet regularly during the year to receive reports from the DNRC Programme Director and other members of the Programme team.

The Black Stork Charity was established in 2011 to enable the Defence and National Rehabilitation Centre Programme (DNRC).  In the same year the Stanford Hall estate was purchased to house the planned Defence and National facilities.  Once the Defence element of the Programme became operational in 2018, the development of the 'National' facility on the same site was given emphasis.  The NHS process started in 2019 on the basis that the first patients would enter the new NHS 'National Rehabilitation Centre' (NRC) in 2024.  Also in 2019, a chief executive was appointed to the Charity to examine possible rehab opportunities allied to the creation of the NRC and more generally.  The outcome of that work was examined by the trustees in mid-2021 and the decision was taken not to pursue further rehab opportunities until 18 months after the NRC was opened when the matter would be reviewed.  Meanwhile, the Charity's responsibility for maintaining the Stanford Hall Rehabilitation Estate for use by Defence and, in due course, NHS patients will continue.  It will also continue its involvement in the NRC Programme, not least as the Grosvenor family considers the 'National' element of the DNRC Programme to be the true legacy of the 6th Duke's initiative in 2009 - as it promises to transform the way in which rehabilitation is undertaken in this country. 

Further information about The Black Stork Charity, including financials, can be found on the Charity Commission website.