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    The DNRC Programme raises its profile

    Construction of the Defence facility as part of the Defence and National Rehabilitation Centre ‘DNRC’ at Stanford Hall has begun. Consequently on 1 October a national campaign will begin both to raise awareness of the DNRC and the remaining funding. This is a significant national project and one that everyone in the country can be part of. No matter how small the contribution, donors will be changing lives.

    The target for the capital campaign remains £300M by the end of 2017. Substantial progress has been made with major donations from individuals, charitable foundations and companies, both in the UK and overseas.

    The creation of the DNRC is likely to be one of the largest healthcare projects to occur in our lifetimes. It is happening at a time of fast moving science, in terms of biomechanics and regenerative medicine meaning that what we shall be able to do for people who are seriously wounded and injured in a decade or so from now, could leave a legacy that endures way beyond this generation.