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    ‘Salute’, the new anthem for the DNRC, now available on iTunes

    From 20 November ‘Salute’, the stirring new anthem for the DNRC, is available to download from iTunesEvery purchase contributes to our fundraising campaign and gets us closer to our goal.

    ‘Salute’ is the brainchild of Classic fM’s Composer in Residence, Debbie Wiseman, who was inspired to write the piece by the stories of the people it honours – those who triumph in adversity. We would encourage you to listen to this moving piece and our profound thanks go to Debbie Wiseman and the National Symphony Orchestra for their part in making it happen. 

    Happening elsewhere, we continue to explain the role the DNRC will have in repairing our seriously wounded and the tremendous potential of the facility – look out for a personal story from Ibi Ali in The Telegraph on 28 November or follow us more closely via Facebook or Twitter.

    For those interested in what's happening on the ground, listen to Mark Green’s latest update on ‘What’s happening on site?’ here.